EA189 Diesel Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know whether my vehicle is affected?

All affected customers have received a letter agreed with the authorities back in spring 2016 telling them that their vehicles had to be updated. Once the technical measures for a model were approved and available, the customers received a second letter asking them to make an appointment with a partner company of their choice.

Moreover, since October 2015, every customer in Europe has been able to obtain information online or via their dealer or service partner as to whether their vehicle is affected. The database contains all emissions standards affected. The other Group brands affected are also providing relevant information on their websites.

Petrol engines are not affected by the NOx issue because the engine and the exhaust treatment systems for diesel and petrol engines are completely different.

None of the ŠKODA cars now being initially registered in Europe are affected by the NOx issue.

2. My vehicle is affected. Can I still drive it?

Yes. The emissions issue relates to the characteristics of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions when experiencing test conditions.

The NOx emissions issue does not change the fact that your car remains safe and roadworthy. There is no evidence to suggest that the affected EA189 diesel engine vehicles present a risk to health or safety as a result of the NOx emissions issue.

3. My vehicle is affected. Will I be charged for getting the repair?

No, you will not be charged for the implementation of the technical measures.

ŠKODA will do its utmost to minimise any inconvenience including, if required, keeping you mobile while the work is carried out. ŠKODA can do the work alongside any scheduled service event you may have (although we recommend that you book the service action as soon as you can once it is available for your vehicle). You will also be able to have the work done at any authorised ŠKODA Service partner.

4. What kind of technical remedial measures will be taken?

For the majority of affected engine variants, the technical measure consists of a software update that incorporates the latest findings from ongoing development of the diesel combustion process in recent years by making changes such as an improved injection pattern. The pure labour time for this measure will be around half an hour.

Only for the 1.6-liter engines is it also necessary to fit what is called a flow transformer. The time needed for the implementation of the technical measures is less than one hour.

5. Which parameters are being adjusted by the software?

The first specific measure creating greater leeway in NOx emissions reduction is the addition of a post injection to the injection pattern (known as a split main). This post injection uses a portion of the fuel from the main injection, meaning it has no adverse impact on fuel consumption. Post injection occurs shortly after the main injection, creating torque and oxidizing the soot previously created during combustion directly in the combustion chamber.

As to the second measure, refinement of the diesel technology allows us to inject fuel at higher pressure and at a constant rate. The increased injection pressure atomizes the fuel more effectively, leading to lower soot levels during combustion from the outset.

6. Are EU6 Diesel engines affected by the NOx emissions testing issue?

No, our EU6 diesel engines are not affected by the NOx emissions issue.

The vehicles with EA288 diesel engines offered by the Volkswagen Group within the European Union certified according to the EU6 or EU 5 emissions standard do not require the removal or replacement of software. This has been confirmed by the authorities.

7. Can the update cause any damage to the vehicle?

No, the update cannot cause any damage to your vehicle.

8. Do I have to have the service measure carried out on my affected vehicle (some petitioning law firms recommend refusing this)?

What are the consequences if I do not have this done? Please note that in countries where the relevant authorities have made the recall mandatory towards the customer, if a customer refuses to participate in an ordered recall within a certain timeframe, they can be sanctioned by the competent state authorities, for example, by decommissioning or deregistering the affected vehicles.

9. Can the technical measures under the recall be carried out by independent workshops?

The service campaign shall be carried out without any costs for customers. Against this background, and due to the fact that Volkswagen AG must account for the proper implementation of the service campaign to the government authorities, the work required will be performed in the service network authorized by ŠKODA in compliance with the legal requirements. The individual markets are still examining additional solutions, for example cooperation with other partners or “mobile solutions” for large and fleet customers, for example.

10. What should a customer do when purchasing a used car that has not yet been updated with the software?

Please contact your ŠKODA Service partner.

11. How will customers with affected vehicles, in the first instance, be contacted?

Please contact your ŠKODA Service partner.

12. I am an owner of an affected vehicle and live in the EU27. I chose not to take part in the software implementation measure. Am I allowed to continue to drive in Germany (for example upon holiday)?


13. Who do I contact if my car shows a problem after the implementation of the technical measure?

Affected customers can be sure that the technical measures will be successfully implemented and will not have adverse effects on their vehicles‘ fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions, engine power, maximum torque or noise emissions. This was a key precondition for approval of the technical measure by the authorities.

However, if you experience a problem with your vehicle, please contact your next ŠKODA service partner or call the Diesel-Hotline at the:

14. Will I receive a confirmation from the ŠKODA service partner after the technical measure has been implemented and what should I do if I ever lose it?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation from the ŠKODA service partner after the technical measure has been successfully implemented. If you lose this confirmation or have not received it, please contact your ŠKODA service partner.

15. I am the holder of an affected vehicle and resident in a country where the competent authorities have not ordered the recall by law. I have decided not to participate in the technical measure. Can I still temporarily travel to countries where the technical measure is the subject of a legally required recall (e.g.: Germany)?

When a holder has the technical measures implemented in an affected vehicle, the customer decides independently. However, we note that in those countries where the relevant authorities have ordered the recall to the customers, they may be able to impose sanctions if the technical measures on an affected vehicle are not implemented within a certain period of time.

Nevertheless, we assume that you may temporarily use your vehicle in countries with a legally required recall (e.g. during a holiday or during transit).